T&Cake Recipes:

Sweet Things:
Warm Eccles cake, wedge of Wensleydale £6.00
Scone, clotted cream, home-made jam £4.00
Toasted currant teacake £1.50
Gelato affogato (scoop of vanilla ice cream, double espresso) £3.50
A slice of home made cake:
Almond-berry cake £2.50
Coffee and walnut cake £2.50
T&Cake chocolate torte (GF) £3.00
Lemon drizzle cake £2.50
Carrot and ginger cake £2.50
Yorkshire ginger parkin £2.50
Chocolate brownie (GF) £2.50
Chocolate, stem ginger and chili brownie(GF) £2.50
Fruit cake £3.00
Raspberry, coconut and oat slice (GF) £2.50
Medjool date, black fig and orange slice £2.50
Yummy Yorkshire Ice-Cream (per scoop) £1.50