T&Cake Recipes:

A Small Selection of T&Cake Special Blends (prices are per pot)
T&Cement- a builders blend with ‘oomph’ £2.50
T&Cosy- an Earl Grey style £2.50
T&Cake- almond & berry flavours of course! £3.00
T&Citrus- fruity, clean & uplifting £2.50
T&Change- a quite spectacular, blooming tea £4.50
T&Comfort- our classic afternoon tea £2.50
T&Character- the very tips of Jasmine Dragon tea £4.50
T&China- our exceptional white tea, the rare Bai Hao Silver Needle £4.00
About our coffees:
Like our teas, all our coffees are specially blended for us. Our basic blend (upon which all others are based) changes with the seasons. Please check the wall when you come in for details and origin of our current blend.