T&Cake Recipes:

Who are T&Cake?

After 20 years running a fine-dining restaurant just five miles away, we wanted to do something a little more laid back and from the heart. Somewhere a good cup of coffee could take centre stage, rather than haute cuisine. Somewhere customers could dawdle over a pot of tea and a newspaper, or enjoy a quick one-course lunch with a glass of wine. Somewhere that would recall both the grand cafés of Europe, as well as the classic British tearoom. And so T&Cake was born.

T&Cake is a modern, licensed café, on a bustling suburban street in leafy Almondbury, West Yorkshire, serving bespoke teas, excellent coffee, interesting sandwiches, snacks and, of course, cake. Lots of cake. From our very own Almond-Berry cake (we couldn’t resist) to a classic Sachertorte; from a Victoria Sponge to a Black Forest Gateau; cakes are what we do best.

For those with a savoury rather than sweet tooth, we offer a selection of traditional sandwiches with a contemporary twist, delectable salads and tarts, intriguing “Things on Toast”, plus heartier plates for the lunchtime guest. If you just want to pop in for a drink, aside from our range of locally roasted coffees and fine teas, you can enjoy a milkshake in a frosted metal mug with a stripy straw, a glass of wine from a carefully chosen list or a refreshing cider from Holmfirth.

At T&Cake, we care about the details. The ham in your sandwich is home-cured and treacle-roasted by our chefs. Tea is served loose in a proper teapot and ice cream sundaes come in the correct glass. We are also passionate about keeping things local – almost everything we serve is sourced in the area, and many of our suppliers are just across town. We grow much of our fruit, vegetable and herbs ourselves at our local farm, and often forage appropriate ingredients in the wild.

If you like it as much as we do, you can also take T&Cake home with you. We sell a handpicked selection of our favourite Northern British produce, from Womersley vinegars and jellies to Sheffield Honey and Yorkshire Crisps. You can buy our bespoke teas and roasted coffee beans to enjoy at home and, when we have surplus, there will be organic fruit and veg on offer too. If you’re really lucky, there’ll be a pot of Tracy’s wonderful homemade marmalade left too!

Welcome to T&Cake.

Stephen & Tracy Jackson